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Our environmental commitment
The Hotel Le Saint Cirq belongs to the "Hôtels au Naturel” association of hotels located in France's regional natural parks.

Le héron sur le Célé à Cabreret

Whether in a hotel or at home, a few simple measures are enough to protect the environment. This environmental approach needs everyone to participate willingly. Every action has an impact on the ecological balance of our planet.

The Hotel Le Saint Cirq wishes to involve its team, guests and partners in this approach by introducing some simple measures to reduce gas, water and electricity consumption.

The Hotel Le Saint Cirq’s life philosophy:
Charms of nature within easy reach…

The hotel has been designed to enable you to escape from everyday life, in a place where time stops. You forget cars, television and all the trappings of modern life and just enjoy this beautiful and authentic place overlooking Saint Cirq Lapopie.

Read our environmental commitment (175 kb pdf document).


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Our environmental commitment
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